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Our decisions change our climate. We dried up the 4th-largest sea on Earth in a single generation. you’re wondering about the link between drying the Aral Sea and changing the climate, here is more info:


Our decisions change our climate. We dried up the 4th-largest sea on Earth in a single generation.

(If you’re wondering about the link between drying the Aral Sea and changing the climate, here is more info:

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Summer Glau rehearsing for Serenity

I really love that she fights like a dancer.

The pirouette prep in the second gif tho

I have a desperate need to learn her fighting style

I absolutely love her movement style for on-camera stuff — it’s gorgeous and basically the perfect example of choreographing around an actor’s known strengths. Unfortunately, AFAIK, Summer Glau’s style is basically just standard Waif-Fu that has limited application in actual combat. Hollywood does a pretty decent job of choreographing around it, but as a rule, miracle kicks are NAGL when somebody is trying to kill you.

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The true mind can weather all the lies and illusions without being lost.  The true heart can tough the poison of hatred without being harmed.  Since beginningless time, darkness thrives in the void, but always yields to purifying light.

fan challenge

3/10 tv shows: Avatar: The Last Airbender

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So here’s a frustrating situation.

A non-profit organization ripped my video from YouTube, removed my vlog at the end, and posted it to their Facebook page without crediting me. It was getting thousands of likes and shares and a lot of people pointed this out to me and so I reached out to them letting them know that it’s not really cool to do things this way and asking if they could share the original link. They replied to me with an apology that they forgot to credit me and edited their post with a link to my Facebook page and to the original video (though their rip is still embedded there and is the one that plays in people’s feeds) .

At this point I figured that was better than nothing and I may as well just forget about it, because what more could I really do? They had shared my work, it was making the rounds, and even if a lot of people who watched it didn’t end up being able to find out more about me, some of them now could. 

Then today out of the blue they emailed me, attaching analytics for their post which they said they thought I’d find “interesting” and “thanks for creating awesome content and making us all smile :)”

Their video has been viewed 9,000,000 times. That’s 4 times what my video is currently at. For whatever reason this version of it went way more viral just through Facebook than the original did even with shares from the Huffington Post, People, Time, BoingBoing, Laughing Squid, 9gag, etc.

And I wish I didn’t know this. Because now I have this weird feeling where gratefulness and aggravation are duelling it out inside me. They posted their rip, and millions of people got to enjoy my work, and (after their edit) a small chunk of those people checked out my other stuff and maybe became fans. They could have not posted it at all, and I would never have reached any of these folks.

But they also could have just posted the original video, and made it way easier for the people who were interested to hear more of my music to find it, and added 9 million views to my channel. That is not a tiny number. I have 25 million total views on my channel after being on this platform for 8 years. This would have been a massive help in the career of an independent musician for whom word of mouth is the only way to build an audience. For whom view and subscriber numbers open up opportunities in the YouTube world. For whom financial stability is completely dependent on iTunes and Adsense (though I’m glad Patreon is helping to change that).

BUT. They could have not posted it at all. So it’s a weird position for me to complain from. But I have to say something because they seem to have a habit of using this exact same approach with lots of other people’s creations, and now they’re emailing me with analytics and smile emoticons?

Tumblr, we’ve gone through this learning curve before, you gotta show love to the creator. Beyond reminding people of that, is there anything I can do here?


PS. Please don’t contact AIME about this. I intend to respond to them and re-iterate how important it is for online creators to be credited and, with YouTube, for the original links to be shared. But I wanted to post this to help craft that response, and remind everyone to support their favorite indies. Whether that’s a share or a dollar or an encouraging comment, awesome fans are the reason why cool stuff can continue to be made and enjoyed.

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Halloween is around the corner, which means that we People of Color need to prepare for all the racist costumes (mainly white) people will wear. Our identities will become skins for others, to be worn and shed as desired. We are no more than costumes in this world of multicultural consumption: our bodies, to be erased.

When our bodies are erased, so too is the history of violence against us. A white boy goes out dressed “gangsta” and is met with rewards for his “swagger”; a Black boy goes out dressed in a hoodie and is murdered. Not two years later, when another Black boy is arbitrarily gunned down by the police, the resulting protests by his community are met with militarized tactics by the police. In that same year, another Black boy is gunned down by the police for engaging in cosplay. A white girl goes out dressed as a geisha or wears a bindi and is told how exotic she looks (for once in her life); meanwhile, API (Asian Pacific Islander) women face some of the highest rates of sexual violence. A group of white kids wear headdresses and paint their faces; the U.S. Supreme Court undermines the legal rights of American Indian parents and legalizes the forced removal of American Indian children from their biological families and in Australia another Stolen Generation is in the making. Others yet go dressed as “Mexicans” complete with sombreros; a Mexican teen is beaten and sodomized for daring to be brown and therefore out of place in a sea of whiteness. But these are stories that are easily and long forgotten in the face of others’ enjoyment and happiness.

When our bodies are erased, so too are our attempts to mitigate that violence. Black boys whistle Vivaldi when they walk around to let others know that no, they are not a threat. Asian teens learn to shrug off suggestions of “natural” and “inherent” intelligence that dismisses their hard work in school. Latin@ children aim to be as white-passing as possible. We all learn to speak in that neutral accent of English that does not give away our heritage. Our bodies are already an other, and that we cannot control, but we can control what comes out of our mouths.

Part of controlling what comes out of our mouths is regurgitating the ideas of this world where whiteness reigns supreme. We tell stories of our struggles in hushed tones and only to each other so that white people do not hear us. We know that they do not want to hear our stories. And so often when we do acknowledge the hurt and the pain, so often when we do ask for the narrative to be complicated in ways that are visible and audible, we are told that we are over-reacting and that we are hurt too easily. Sometimes it is white bodies telling us that; sometimes it is other colored bodies. In a society where happiness is the ultimate pursuit, acknowledgment of unhappiness and the use of unhappiness as a political will to freedom mark us as improper subjects. As improper subjects we deserve the pain and unhappiness we describe. If only we were more agreeable, more pliant towards happiness the pain would go away. We would become proper subjects. The experiences that form the pain would cease to matter. But without acknowledging pain, our identities and communities fall apart.Yet again, our bodies and memories are erased. 

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Whedonverse Appreciation: Topher Brink Appreciation Month

A Love Supreme, 2x08 {6/6 quotes}

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Ballet: Flawless, Beautiful, Graceful Choreography…. or is it? 

For your kicks and giggles, a performance from the Vienna State Opera. 

(BTW: this is all INTENTIONAL choreography… just ya know, in case you couldn’t tell) 

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I am a dragon.